Sunday, December 31, 2006


I went painting today, and this was the subject of my painting. I think I need to start using acrylics! It's really hard to paint oil en plein air. At least it's hard for me! I need some more training in order to do this well. I got my darks in, but the paint was too wet to start with the lights. But I loved the peaceful, but colorful scene. As an added bonus, the band at the marshside restaurant behind me was warming up, and they weren't half bad (and were far enough away to be merely background music!)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Charleston sidestreet

I found this churchyard in the French Quarter today, while visiting the art galleries in the area. The composition isn't as good as I'd like, but my camera battery died and so I had to take it with my cell phone! I set it on high resolution, and it actually turned out pretty good, considering.

Friday, December 29, 2006


I loved the delicate yet bold characteristic of this little sprig of coral. It's a bleak day outside and the monochrome of the shoreline was punctuated with this neon form of life. It would have been easy to miss.

Here's what it inspired me to learn about it:
It is an animal colony, not a plant. What you see is a limestone condominium of dozens of small cylinder-shaped animal polyps.
It is called a sea whip (also called gorgonian or soft coral).
The colors (yellow, magenta, turquoise, pink, white, orange) are determined by the type of algaes that live in the polyp tissues. These algaes use the CO2 expelled by the coral polyps, and produce the oxygen that the polyp needs in such close quarters.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Eddingfield Beach Road

This is the photo for yesterday. The natural beauty of these stately trees breathes life into you as you exist beneath them.

Desolation of winter

Edisto Island, SC
I'm using this post to initiate my photo blog of the days of the coming year....where I am, who I'm with, what prompts me to think, what reminds me of the greatness of life.