Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in the midst of camping out

I took this picture earlier in the season at Clemson while I was waiting at the bus stop. I forget which game they were camped out to get tickets for. I just remember thinking how serious they must be about wanting to see the game, to camp for several days there on the concrete!
As I contemplate Thanksgiving this year, I recall this photo. I feel these days like someone living in a tent, on concrete, with a lot of time to kill, on view for all to see and make comment on as they walk past. I feel like I'm in this suspended time, waiting to get my ticket. And then what? It's easy to be thankful when you're propped up on a comfy sofa in a climate-controlled home. But when you are in transition, when the 'comfy' is gone, it can be harder to be thankful. The benefits are less obvious; when I concentrate though, I see them. I live a more centered life, a painfully clarified one. I have some dear friends and family willing to enter the tent with me and make sure I'm OK. I have been propelled to achieve things I hadn't ever gotten around to before. I have a sense of divine presence with me. I have the strength of inner conviction informing my actions. So while I may not have all the things of the past, while I may be missing the social and relational aspects of the life I once had... I can still say I am blessed. And for that, I AM thankful.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perfect Day

Somewhere about 3:00 today, I realized this was one of those days. Everything was good. Good breakfast. Time spent painting. Time spent hiking and meditating. Time spent staring up at the beautiful blue sky, in my favorite season, in the 70 degree weather, wearing shorts, watching the last of the leaves fall. Did the Sunday crossword. Talked with a friend.
I'm grateful for every day. But I really do appreciate the perfect ones.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just for history

I don't have many pictures this year, and even less of myself! But I'm putting a few out here. It's been a tough year, but I like the current trajectory being in a positive direction.