Saturday, June 28, 2008


Just a heads-up....this movie is great! I can't wait to watch it again. And I don't rewatch too many movies. It has romance, it has message, it has social commentary, it has music, it has laughs, it has incredible animation and an imaginative premise... I liked everything about it, even the "history of art" given in the final credits! And it is G-rated, without any over-the-kids-heads kinds of double entendres.


Carrie said...

Will wanted to see this yesterday, but we didn't get to. I wish we had! Now he's sick and it will be days before he feels up to going and won't hear of me going without him. Maybe we'll go to a matinée on Friday. We don't have any plans for the day.

SUSAN said...

I heard it was awesome...will definately plan to go!


Dancingirl said...

I have been looking forward to WaLL-E. So glad for your thumbs up!

beth said...

I LOVED this film! I took my youngest on a date, and he was enthralled the entire time. I even cried at the end!

Great movie - I agree!