Sunday, September 28, 2008


I didn't take many pictures, so you're stuck with some lame ones. But I spent a few days in Savannah at a conference. I love that the Savannah School of Art and Design has taken 70+ old buildings around the city and has restored them for campus space.

This is an interior shot of the cathedral there. For a colony that didn't allow Catholics when it was formed, Georgia has made progress! The cathedral is beautiful.


SUSAN said...

I've always wanted to visit Savannah. Hope you enjoyed your conference!


Carrie said...

We really enjoyed our tour around Savannah last July, even if it was 90+ degrees out!

The cathedral was one of our favorite spots.

Br. Ezra said...


My name is Br. Ezra; I am a Dominican friar studying for the priesthood; I have an interest in early Christianity. Recently I was on Fr. Longenecker's blog reading about the discovery of ancient mosaics showing Christians believed in the divinity of Christ as early as the 2nd cent. You mentioned that you had written a paper on this for your art history class. Would you be willing to share that paper with me? My email is Thanks and God bless!

Br. Ezra

beth said...

Your 'lame' pics make me want to go to Savannah!!!!