Saturday, November 07, 2009

Living History

The Upstate History Museum opened an exhibit this morning entitled "Weaving Our Survival: Upcountry Stories of WWII". The exhibit features many oral histories, and my dad is one whose interviews are featured in the exhibit's interactive narration stations. He describes growing up in the Depression, signing up for the war, liberating concentration camps, Dachau, returning home, and how the war changed the course of his life. Of course, the editors had to leave out much of his 2 hour interview, but the portions they used are wonderful. They even used a quote from his interview to highlight on the wall of the exhibit:
"It's like you'd gone to hell, you know. And you had been really."


Carol said...

Please tell him THANK YOU from the Weavers in Oregon. We so appreciate his service!

my15minutes said...

Thanks, Carol. I will!

Richard Brewer said...

Thank your dad from me. If it wasn't for people like him, I wouldn't be here today.