Saturday, January 27, 2007

Amber waves

I pass by this barn every morning during carpool. It's stuck in the middle of my suburban sprawl as a reminder of the history of the area.... used to be peach orchards around here, until houses took over. I remember the peach orchard days from 40 or so years ago when I was little. I thought the morning light hitting the foreground and the tree limbs was great, and I didn't alter the shot at all.


Matt said...

I love pictures of all types of old architecture, but I always get really thoughtful with barns - wondering who owned it, who farmed the land, how many generations lived there, how their lives turned out, etc. Life gets so busy that we tend to forget that there are millions of other stories besides our own out there -- it would be interesting to find out about some of them every so often.

That's what great about these blogs -- you find out a little about someone else's story!

- Matt

Carol said...

Love the colors in this one. Don't you just love winter trees against the sky? Lovely.

julieunplugged said...

Beth, I think this photo has great composition. I like the colors that are like layers in a cake and the way the wheat at the bottom draws your eye up to the barn which is then drawn up to the top by the branches. Great pic.

I opened it to the bigger size and the detail is gorgeous. I wonder if the resolution issue you detect has more to do with blogger's uploading than anything. I went for a larger template and use flickr to post most of my photos so that I have larger pics on the blog. Sometimes the smaller ones just don't do the photo justice.

Ampersand said...

Beth, this is gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how wonderful some of our ordinary day-to-day sights are?

Sandy said...

Really pretty picture - enlarged, even moreso. The morning sunlight is just beautiful on the stalks, tree tops and the side of the barn. Makes me wish I could've seen it back in its heyday - bet those peaches smelled great.

The area where I live was known for its orange groves - most of which have gone the way of development as well. One of the local parks I go to is an old orange grove on the river that the county is restoring (house, barn and processing facility - even the playground up front is orange-grove themed).