Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Face your fate:

Prepare to meet your maker, er, mammographer:

How do you measure up?

I'd post the action shot (yes, I actually do have the action shot), but I'd hate to make too many women squirm in sympathetic pain!
Mothers' morning out:


julieunplugged said...

Hey I want to see the squirm in pain shot! You have great boobs! What a great series! My mammogram is due this month too. Lol. You crack me up.

Dalissa 365 said...

Yeah, I'm with Julie... i'd like to see the action shot. But, hey, it's probably a little early yet in the 365 to start showing those kinds of body parts. :) I havne't had one of those yet. It doesn't look or sound like fun.

Ampersand said...

I've had one...and not gone back. I thought the pain was worse than childbirth. But, I know it is not that bad for everyone. And I know I need to get another one :-(.

I want the action shot too ;-).

SusansPlace said...

I cancelled mine last week due to ice. Now, I must work my nerve back up and reschedule. It's only been 10 years since I had the last one.

Glad you are done with that ordeal!!


Dancingirl365 said...

LOL... I'm squirming!

You now get the prize for the one who takes the camera with her everywhere!

Great series.

my15minutes said...

Taking the action shot was pretty funny. I used my free hand (left) while in the Glamour Shot pose (the one that looks like you're on a fainting couch)and aimed hopefully back at the procedure. Wouldn't you know it was the perfect picture, centered exactly, and great 'exposure'! :-) The mammographer said this was a first for her.

I think I better hold on to it. I'd hate for some 10th grader to Google "smashed boobs", and have myself as the cover illustration for a Biology paper on "Medical Imaging".

But anyway...let it serve as a reminder to all the women (and all the wives of the men doing 365) to get theirs on the calendar. I have to do mine annually, but then, my mom is a breast cancer survivor.

Ampersand...maybe the technology now is better. Mine never really hurts...it's just awkward.

By the way, I can't comment on anyone's photos today...sorry! I'm on M's computer, and he's waiting. But I looked at EVERYONE'S! :-)

Sandie said...

I like Kim had ONE, and I have never gone back. It hurt not only while it was going on, but for days and day afterward I was black and blue! I do weekly self-exams, but I will never go back to the machine.

Natalia said...

You are more courageous than I am. I had an ultrasound done today and I brought my camera but chickened out about taking a picture.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool that you took your camera with you to have this done!

My husband told me once to "suck it up" and get it done...I asked him how he'd feel having his thingies smashed flat - maybe he wouldn't be telling ME to suck it up! =) teehee!