Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Better Shot

I'm submitting this piece 'Fragile' for publication in an online art journal operated by the school I attend, to be published in the spring. I took a new shot of it, which is far superior to the picture I posted back on November 11. I'm also submitting the cityscape I posted -- I've named it Emerald City, a play on my town's name of 'GREENville', and because I did the piece on a green pastel background. Also, there are a few parallels, living here, to Oz that I won't go into!


carrie said...

This is so amazing. I love the feel of looking through glass, the reflection and distortion (wavy-ness) look so real. I'm so impressed! Thanks for posting the improved photo.

Colleen said...

Incredible. What a gift to be a talented artist. At least I can live vicariously!