Monday, December 10, 2007

Kissin' cousins?

Yesterday we spent part of the afternoon at the hospital, visiting Uncle John ( He has a son, Johnny, who was trying to crack Bill's back for him, so although this LOOKS like it could be a little sketchy, it's all on the up and up! :-)

This is John's grandson (Gail's son...remember Gail?, who doesn't at all look like he could be exactly twice the age of Mackenzie, sitting next to him! I think they share some family resemblance....if nothing else they're both tall. Mackenzie is 6'4" (at age 16) and Chuck is 6'7".

John's kids (and grandkids) have a special place in my heart. They're a close-knit family of really fun people.

PS Sorry, I still haven't been able to grasp how to embed a URL in the text!

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Grace, Every Day said...

There's a little icon of what looks like a chain across the top of the window that you type in when you write your post (under 'compose', not 'html'). It is the fifth icon from the left. Copy the link you want to use from the web address; highlight the text you want to link (i.e. 'Gail's son') and then click the icon. It'll bring up a window in which you past the link addy.

Ta da!

Hope this helps...