Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My errands today took me to the framer, the jeweler (my ring is so clean I took a pic of it too), the shoe store (my first Michael Kors), the park for lunch, the shoe repairman, the outfitter store (yoga wear), and Goodwill. But my favorite shot was the first one, in the framer's shop. Patterns aren't my strong suit like some folks (I'm thinking of Overread's blog, and some others). I think I do better with "telling a story" photos. What do you think is your strong suit? What kinds of photos do you gravitate towards? Anyway, while patterns aren't my strongest thing, I always do like them.

And for Julie, here's another weed shot cropped closer. I think you're right....I like it cropped better. It's amazing the intricacy of a simple weed!


SusansPlace said...

oh, I really like the frames. I am finding I like repeating patterns. However, I gravitate towards telling a story for two reasons: 1)I like to tell stories and write and 2)I want this years photoblog to be a chronicle of my life. Next year's photoblog, I may focus more on making "art".


Dancingirl365 said...

Yes, it is better cropped. You can see the details!

julieunplugged said...

Love the cropping. It really does draw me in more.

The frames are great! I am not as good at patterns. I love macro shots and I find that I'm endlessly fascinated by shots taken from a perspective I'm not used to seeing them in (under, at an angle, close up, above, through something else).

I think you're right that you're good at telling a story!

Sandie said...

I like patterns a lot, I notice them in other's work, but I don't seem to take many myself. I like the abstract nature of the macros, however I think I really am drawn to faces and all their expressions. Stories come to me no matter what I am looking at :)

Paula said...

I think you are really gifted at catching the quirky side of life. You find paradoxes and contradictions and humor in things I miss. It really makes me enjoy seeing what you have.

Katrina365 said...

Beth, you are good at telling a story with your photos . . . as well as finding very unique things to photograph. :)

CactusFreek said...

Hi :o)
Those frames look great! Like a piece of art on their own.

Nice picture of the weed too.
We have some weeds in our lawn that have a really pretty yellow flower. I hate mowing over them, but we have too because they attract an endless amount of bees.
We have another weed that has pretty pink flowers, and i mow around them, much to my husbands distaste! :o)