Saturday, April 21, 2007


Our area is the 5th largest area of growth in the United States. And it shows. Everywhere there are buildings popping up, like mushrooms after rain. Part of the reason is that there was this billionaire recluse who lived in a mobile home; he amassed a chunk of contiguous land, and never allowed it to be developed. When he died, he left it to a local university to be developed for their benefit. Essentially, it is enough land to build a new city, within our city, upon. And so the planners have planned, and the infrastructure has been laid, and the city is rising. But even before this donation, and for many reasons, it's been a boomtown around here.

All that as background. I've featured two recently-built office buildings that are on my well-travelled path. The first I really like. It is the headquarters for Hubbell Lighting. It is lit with blue lights at night, and the architecture is nice. If you ever drive I-85 through these parts, you'll see it hanging over the interstate. I could have gotten a better view from the interstate, but it wasn't worth risking my life over.

This one, part of a hospital complex, well, it reminds me of those plastic suction cups that stick things on glass. I imagine a giant sheet of glass descending from the heavens and this building sticking to it, so that when the glass ascends back to the heavens, it would take this building with it in situ. I know, I think weird thoughts. But what IS the function of all those suction cups on the roof?


carrie said...

LOL! Your description is perfect! "Suction cup" building. You gotta wonder. Sort of like that giant fire hydrant...remember? What were they thinking?

Sandie said...

Those are nice buildings. I like the hospital one a lot, and I can see those suction cups holding up a beautiful glass roof :)

SusansPlace said...

lol...both buildings have suction cups. That is strange!

So, is the job market really booming there with all that growth?


my15minutes said...

Yes, the job market is strong as well. I'm sure certain trades are less available...but I don't know of anyone who is out of a job these days. There are a lot of higher paying jobs here/coming due to a new automotive research center (connected with BMW's manufacturing plant here, and Michelin's headquarters here, and all the other suppliers who have moved in). Now Clemson's involved by starting an auto design program.... it's all mushrooming.

We've had growth for years (our town has been a pocket of growth and robust economy for a long time) but this is crazy. Honestly, I drive around and it feels exponential ... bulldozing, grading, building, paving... and people moving in to the area like crazy.