Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yoga class

I like the way yoga practice makes me feel: aware, quiet, flexible, fit, meditative, reflective, intentional.


Sandie said...

I like the peacefulness of this picture. It feels very centered.

my15minutes said...

One thing that (imho) makes it seem centered is the feng shui going on... (OK, I'm mixing Chinese and Indian cultures here, but hey, truth is truth!). You've got the elements of metal, wood, stone, and ceramic. You've got stillness and movement. You've got plant life and sunshine. You've got red and green:
Red is life-affirming and is the color of life, prosperity, and happiness. Green is about hope, longevity, and vitality. So perhaps it's compositional, or perhaps it's just good feng shui, but I think it feels balanced, too.

SusansPlace said...

I am glad green is about "hope" as it's my favorite color. I agree with Sandie that this picture is so peaceful...I've looked at it several times.


Ampersand said...

Yes, I have to agree at how peaceful it is. And it's cool to know that there are some principles as to why it conveys balance, centeredness and peace to each of us.