Monday, May 07, 2007

Form Follows Function - 2 examples

This is a shot of the atrium of our main public library. It is lovely and inviting. You can shop at the store, grab some coffee at the cafe, or curl up for conversation or for reading. The lighting is diffuse but perfect for the environment. The tall ceilings give an airy feel to what could be a stuffy space, and the plants and spacious windows allow the indoors to relate with the outdoors. At the end of the hall is a large globe sculpture.

Contrast that with this:

The form of these jeans long ago lost its connection to function, which one would presume included shielding the family jewels from the public eye and allowing the wearer to, say, use both his hands without his pants falling down. Seems simple to me. But thank our lucky stars that the boxers were still functioning! I guess when you're 15, 6'4" and weigh less than your mother, it's hard to find jeans that fit!


Dalissa 365 said...

Do you really think he can't find jeans that fit? I've seen my 16 yo wear similary "fit" jeans as well as his friends in the past. Of course, the flipside is that now same said 16 yo son wears jeans that are skin tight and girls give them their jeans when they outgrow them... yep... complete opposite side of the coin.

Nice library, btw.

beth said...

Tell that boy to pull up his pants!

(but he is so adorable...even sagging...) My oldest son, at 11, has the same issues. He's built the same way, and without a belt, all his pants sag....

I love the library shot, too. I need to go get a pic of ours; it's timberframe, rustic, COMPLETELY opposite - but gives the same feeling of airy comfort.

Carol said...

What a great library! It looks enormous. I think a cafe would be a great addition to ours, but I think they are limited because of space. I love that it is close to downtown, but I don't like that it can't expand anymore.

The University one does have a cafe (several, I think).

Oh, the indoor shot dilemma was solved with increasing the ISO on the camera. Mine has a button, but my point and shoot has a "High ISO" button. I think this helps with the indoor shots by increasing the speed of the film. I wish I hadn't wasted so many good shots by not reading the dumb manual. I knew about the ISO/ASA with a film camera. Why I didn't think that there would be a button on a digital is just plain silly on my part!