Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Brunch

OK, my mother's day was a total bust. Except for the strawberry cake. I woke up with the mother of all headaches (get it? on mother's day?) and couldn't shake it all day. Then my dog ran off. Spent the rest of the day putting up posters and searching all over the neighborhood. Someone found him and called, and we got him back. By then my day was pretty much shot. But the strawberry cake was good.


Dalissa 365 said...

Sorry about your Mother's Day but am glad to hear that you got your dog back. The cake looks scrumptious!

(Happy Mother's Day, anyway!)

Sandie said...

This is a great picture, those cakes look fabulous!

I am sorry about your day, I am glad you got him back though.

carrie said...
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carrie said...

So sorry about the headache, the lost dog, and the flat Mother's Day.

Mother's Day seems to be pretty much a bust around here every year. Will is always willing to take me out to eat or grill something nice for dinner, but he never remembers to organize the kids to make or buy cards or anything like that. I always remind him a few days before so he can at least make plans for food. He appreciates the reminders! In fact, he announced at my Mother's Day meal out that this would double as my birthday dinner as well! (I do think he is planning to take me out alone for my birthday.)

Our family doesn't seem to be much into celebrations. We rarely do birthdays- just family presents and dinner out-- for example. I guess that's just the way we are!

Hope your headache is gone!

NoVA Dad said...

Boy, that's a great looking meal -- I need to convince my wife to take me out for a similar one on Father's Day:-) Sorry about your headache, but glad you got the gift of someone returning your beloved pet.

beth said...

Cake is always good.

Sorry it wasn't what it could have been, but sounds like it wasn't without its moments of pleasure.

Glad the dog came back.
Glad you got cake.
Happy (belated) Mother's Day!