Saturday, May 19, 2007

On the Red Carpet

There were several events downtown last night, so a friend and I wandered between a few of them. We dropped our boys at the climbing wall, passed the ballfield, and walked to Shakespeare In the Park. After sitting through a bit of King Lear, we wandered off to see the celebrities arrive for the BMW Pro-Am golf tournament before eating dinner at a sidewalk cafe. The celebrities we saw were John Elway, Cheech Marin, George Lopez, Kevin Sorbo, Catherine Bell, and Wayne Gretzky. Too bad we missed Greg Kinnear...he's one of my favorites.

Here's John Elway looking golden:

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Claire said...

Fun, Beth! Looks like they'll have a perfect weather weekend to play. My son-in-law is the Golf Course Superintendent at the Cliffs, Keowee Vineyards - he doesn't get much sleep this time of year. He says that Gary Player is the nicest guy ever (and that some of the celebrities are -sadly - jerks.)