Sunday, May 27, 2007

Got crabs, AGAIN?

I'm in a predicament. My computer has used 55.57 out of 55.77 gigabytes of space. So... I cannot upload anymore photos until I buy an external hard drive to store these, I suppose; and that won't be until Tuesday at least. So in the interest of my readership I will continue to post new photos, but they won't be NEW (wink, wink). I thought the closeup of the crab was appropriate to how I feel right now about the situation. :-)


Ampersand said...

LOL, crabby!

It is a great photo, though!!

Sandy said...

So I guess you've been getting the "your disc is almost full" message too, huh? I've been "dealing" with this situation for the last month - hope it's not so difficult a process for you. I got a SmartDisk Fire Lite (recommended by the Apple genius) and copied my library over to it but am still not sure that's all there is to it. I've looked everywhere for clear directions and couldn't find any. I want to know I've done it "right" before deleting pics, kwim?

Anywho.....cute crab!

Sandie said...

I don't think I realized how colorful crabs were! Neat shot, sorry about the space crunch.

carrie said...

This shot reminded me that I cooked crabs exactly once in my life. When the little buggers kept grabbing my stirring spoon as they boiled, I decided the quick-death assurance was a hoax! I don't even eat crabs, so no way am I going to boil them alive for someone else! LOL! (I don't eat lobster, either.)

Great picture, btw.

Susanne B. said...

Very cute crab -- my boys would LOVE carching them!

SusansPlace said...

Was he your dinner? I really like crab but this one is almost too cute too eat.

Hope you get the camera issue resolved soon!

Happy Memorial Day.


SusansPlace said...

P.S. Had a dream about you last night...sent it to you in an email. ;-)


Dalissa 365 said...

Sandy, ask Jeff about backing up your photos on an external hard drive. He does that for our photos all of the time.

(Beth, I am sure if you have any questions he'd be glad to help you, too)

Cute crab, btw! Hope your time at the beach has been fun.

clever[art] said...

I need to do the same thing.

Hey, I had homemade Salvadorian crab soup this past weekend at the lake. It was unlike any other crab soup I've every eaten. Quite good.

Hope you're back up and running soon.

julieunplugged said...

I just checked mine and I still hve space to spare. Phew. But I know that's coming.