Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Four pines on the ninth hole

South Carolina, after California and Arizona, has the most nationally ranked golf courses. We're lucky enough to live near one of three best in our region. Zeus gets to chase squirrels here (after hours of course!) and Bill and I get to walk and talk, and Grayson and Moses get to longboard here (after hours also!) Occasionally we'll bike around the course; owls, foxes, geese, and other wildlife can sometimes be spotted. I don't play golf -- probably because it's an intimidating sport to jump into -- although I have tried once or twice. Of my kids, only Moses shows interest in the sport. Bill plays sporadically...he spends more time on high-adrenaline sports. But I do love the peacefulness of the course in the evening and morning:

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julieunplugged said...

Those are such striking trunks - sort of gangly legs to those tall trees.