Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tie Down

I have an itch to go canoeing. So we borrowed a canoe from my friend Beth, and Bill tied it atop my car. However, by the time we did this is was too late in the day to actually go canoeing; so we went to mass tonight and are leaving early tomorrow to spend a leisurely day on the Green River in NC. I hope to have some nice nature shots from our trip to share. Doesn't he look cool? He is. :-) He's in the process of marathon training, and ran 11 miles this morning. So I'm doubly appreciative that this afternoon he loaded and tied down the canoe! If I had run 11 miles, I would be hospitalized and on a ventilator by now.


julieunplugged said...

He does look cool. amazing how he's gone so heavy into this adventure racing. Great idea of yours to catalyze him in that direction. Have a great day.

MaryD said...

cool, and handsome too.