Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I see one inch squares in my sleep

This is what I did all day long. I know, I'm really exciting company... just ask Bill how much fun I am when I'm hunkered over a cutting mat with an Xacto knife! This is for one of my two first projects in school, the one for my design class. The assignment is to precisely cut one inch shapes to illustrate harmony transitioning to variety, on a 9x12 grid, without using color or a third dimension. So I chose two shapes that suggest either a canyon a skyline. You cannot imagine how much difference a 64th of an inch makes until you start actually cutting these little buggers out! Ack!


LauraLiz said...

You may be ready for art school...if you understand the assignment! Glad you are there, dear, and I will enthusiastically follow your progress and marvel. (I don't understand the course description of my son's computer classes, either!)

By the way, I have the painting you gave me at the Atlanta mini-retreat hanging in my guest room, and it got some positive comments from my first guest. :-)

jo(e) said...

And it makes a cool photo!

TracieEasler said...

I had nightmares about 1 inch squares!! I know exactly what you're talking about!