Saturday, August 18, 2007


When we got to the triathlon site, my camera was completely dead....I thought I had charged it last night, but apparently I left it ON and drained it instead. So I resorted to cellphone photos...and forgot to set the resolution high. So we are left with pitiful pictures to commemorate M's first triathlon.

This is in case he drowns in the swimming section, so they'll know how old he is:

Here he is taking off for the biking section.

He finished this short kids' tri- in 30:06 in 26th place.

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Susanne B. said...

Cool!!!! Congrats to the hard-working athlete!

My dad is running his 29th AFC Half-Marathon in San Diego tomorrow (Sunday). It's its 30th anniversary; he obviously missed the first year. He's hoping to make it through next year for an even 3-0 which isn't bad for a then 66-year-old. Those last two miles that are straight uphill into Balboa Park are killer, though....