Monday, August 13, 2007


My mom gave me this sculpture for Christmas a few years ago , and I have it on the table behind the sofa. It depicts a girl, three boys and a dog playing together, which is the same order/gender as my children. I can't say my kids always get along, but sometimes it really does seem to tonight at dinner. Dinner conversation is noisy, irreverent, quick-paced, annoying (to at least someone), entertaining (to at least someone); it skips from topic to topic, none of which is anything deep or meaningful. There's usually someone moving around, someone gesticulating, someone wisecracking, someone talking over someone else. Sometimes it's exhausting. Bill especially wishes there were better manners and a quieter, calmer environment. I wish more kids appreciated home cooking and healthy fresh food. I think the kids KNOW good manners (even if they don't always use them), and suppose it will be quiet enough when the kids are all grown and gone. So this busy sculpture, going around in circles, encapsulates our family experience pretty accurately!


Grace, Every Day said...

I'm glad to hear you describe this as you did, because it sounds like MY house. I wonder if my kids will ever behave decently in public, but then again, I love the rapport and the back-and-forth nature of the conversation...and the wildness, the dialogue, the intensity.

Cool sculpture.

And, by the way, YAY for Grand Canyon Man!

julieunplugged said...

Fun to picture your family dinner. :)