Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can you guess?

OK, one more Mardi Gras picture. I've left out several people, but couldn't let these two pass. Can you guess what celebrity convicts they are?


Jess logic said...

No, I don't know enough convicts to guess, but I love all these shots - looks like so much fun!

Carol said...

Totally stumped.

my15minutes said...

OK...I'm bummed that the rest of my readership (ha) hasn't even taken a stab.... but here goes:
She is Cereal Killer, and
He is Dick Tater.

julieunplugged said...

These were hard!

Dalissa 365 said...

These were hard and I kept thinking he was that guy whose wife cut off part of his penis since there was something dangling in front of that area. Glad to know he was Dick Tater instead. ;) These were hard!