Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mast General Store

I'm a sucker for this downtown landmark. Who can resist barrels of candy sold by the pound and the ambiance of an old-fashioned general store?

If it annoys you for there to be more than one photo posted on the 'Photo-A-Day' blog, read no further. I usually stick to just one, but I'm feeling frisky today. Here are a few others:

The Lay of the Land

This topographical map was at Mast Store, and so my camera is on my town, pointing north, between Hogback Mountain and the Lookout Tower.

Aging Abstract

This was shot at the old mall, which is being demolished, presumably because a new mall will somehow be better.

The O's Have It


SusansPlace said...

Reminds me of the general store in my hometown. We bought the entire families Christmas presents there in that one store, for less than $10. Thanks for the memories!

Hey, have any of us managed to hold ourselves to one photo a day EVERY day? I don't think so. ;-)


Katrina365 said...

Fun store! I certainly don't hold to the *one* photo per day limit! :)

julieunplugged said...

Love teh general store shot. So colorful.

Dalissa 365 said...

Yeah, I am the major 1 per day rule breaker.. I can only hope I am not annoying everyone else, so it doesn't bother me if you do it. ;)

I really like the graphic nature of the detail shot of the "o's". It reminds me of an old movie reel. So, is the mall behind the O walkway or are you talking about the Old Navy and such which look pretty new already?

Love the general store.

my15minutes said...

It doesn't annoy me when there are more than one; it's just that I think more than one photo diminishes the impact of the single one; thus I try to keep it to one.

The mall being demolished is behind my back (photographer). So Old Navy, et al, are safe, while I'm assuming the walkway is doomed. :-) Interesting you say it reminds you of a movie reel....the white building on the left is the movie theater.

julieunplugged said...

I agree about the one a day. I try to make separate posts if I use more than one (though sometimes I don't). It is hard to limit yourself when you hit a stride in a particular series. I like creating sets at Flickr when that happens so that I can see them all together. :)

Dalissa said that the 'o's remind her of a movie reel. They reminded me of a spool of thread!

Anonymous said...

I love general stores!! It reminds me of my childhood - your general store looks scrumptious and full of lovely things to pick up and smell... and buy!! =)

As far as 1 photo - I'm a rule-breaker, what can I say?? I'm glad there are no 365 Police anywhere! =)

Scrivener said...

I love the shot of the topographical map, both because it's a cool shot and because I am a sucker for maps.