Saturday, February 10, 2007

Touareg status report

We've been in the car a lot this week. Bill has had the occassion to make a few funny observations on the experience. He notices everything, and I - as these will show - do not. The term "Blonde" comes to mind.

Observation #1, made as he is rummaging around looking in vain for some quarters for the air machine: "You know, you have more thumbtacks in your car than anyone else I know. I mean, other people may keep theirs in the trunk, but in the actual car? Yep. You have the most. And you have them conveniently located, too. Right here in the front so they are always handy."

I think what happened was I was putting up "Lost Dog" posters around the neighborhood (that would have been in January of 06 with our other dog, Zorro). I never brought the thumbtacks back in the house, and there they've sat for a year now in the car. I guess they're convenient if I ever want to engage in a little passive aggressive road rage, but otherwise, I really can't think of a good reason to keep thumbtacks in the car. Quarters probably WOULD be more useful.

Observation #2, made at the air pump, immediately following Observation #1: "Hey Bethie, come here a minute. Do you notice anything about this tire?" (He had already commented on my car being out of alignment, a condition I never notice as I'm driving. No photo was taken to illustrate my alignment woes.)
Me: "Um, I guess the outer tread IS getting pretty worn down."
I'm feeling fairly proud that I've answered correctly and have noticed my deplorable tire wear.
He stands, waiting for more. I offer no more comment.
Bill, pointing: "That's not where the valve belongs."


MaryD said...

This is hilarious, Beth. Nice to have "someone" notice those details, especially the tire, before you end up with a disaster... but the photos and the stories just cracked me up.

LauraLiz said...

Just what I need; someone to follow along and point out all the areas in my life that could use some straightening out! It's funny the things we get used to that would immediately cause puzzlement in someone else.

Going to see if I have some extra tacks to put in my car....

Sandie said...

The stories are pretty funny. It makes me want to go see what is in my car that I don't even think about :)

Dalissa 365 said...

Hey, that's what men are for! ;) Jeff is going to kill me for that comment. Anyway, the last photo and description got me to actually laugh out loud. I just found an exploded can of soda in the front compartment of my car that's sat there at least since the beginning of summer. (The temps are very low here)

julieunplugged said...

Lol! These really are a "day int eh life of...." But honestly, couldn't you point out what he misses around the house? I haven't got a single human who lives here who knows where anything is, even when staring at it. :)

Glad disaster with the tire was averted. :)

Matt said...

Those are great:-) As far as the tacks go, just tell your husband that you never know when you'll need to post some directions on the dashboard to keep you from having to look down and read them in the seat next to you!

- Matt

Jess logic said...

You and your hubby are a cute combo!

My father-in-law was over a few months ago chiding me for the condition of my tires...I really only notice their worn when they pop ;)