Saturday, July 07, 2007

Huddy Buddy

I visited my friend yesterday (the one who threatened me about posting her picture....and then made a self-deprecating comment about it once I did!). She takes care of Huddy every day. Huddy's a 7th grader who needs some special care....and boy does she give it. She's always gently teasing him, encouraging him, teaching him, laughing with him, taking him to the library or on picnics, watching movies with him, swimming with him ... in a word, she's wonderful with him. If she had a dollar for every game of Candyland she has played with Huddy, she'd be livin' in luxury! Huddy beat her three times while I was there, fair and square.


sweettea5 said...

You're much too kind! What a blessing Huddy is to me!! He gives far more than I could ever give him!! He'll be thrilled he made your Blog! Loves to play on the computer so will be amazed when he sees his pic on the computer!

beth said...

Oh, this works for me...thanks for bringing a HUGE grin to my face! Three cheers for sweettea!